Connecticut ELECTRICAL JOURNEYPERSON LICENSE Exam ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions

Book updated Oct 2020:

In the US, almost all technical exams on electrical works are based on the NEC. However, the NEC book itself is a 1500+ pages mega size monster. You just won’t have the time and energy to go through and memorize everything in there. Even though the exam may allow you to use the code book, looking up a particular item can be very time consuming and you may run out of time real quick! This is why we come up with this study product – we provide you with essential knowledge and information that can be easily comprehended so that during the actual exam you won’t need to browse the code book for answering every single question! In any case, the examination requires that you have a working grasp of the National Electrical Code NEC as well as the local laws and rules plus a basic level of electrical theory knowledge. The NEC is the property of the NFPA. The contents of this book are compatible with the CT E-1 and E-2 exams. The exam covers a wide range of fundamental topics but this study notes will focus on topics related to code compliance and local rules & regulations. There is no way you can pass the exam without having solid real world experience. Our notes give you knowledge, principles and concepts. To master the topics, you must be “in the field”. And you need to know how the experts get things done. To succeed in the exam, you also need to read as many reference books as possible. There is no single book that can cover everything!



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