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Louisiana BUILDING CONSTRUCTION License Exam ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2016/17

Louisiana BUILDING CONSTRUCTION License Exam ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions

The Louisiana Building Construction CLOSED BOOK examination has 100 equally weighted multiple-choice questions. The topics covered by the exam include: Concrete, Other Trades, Excavation and Sitework, Rough Carpentry, Structural Steel, Roofing, Finish Carpentry and Masonry. Our study notes focuses on the relevant structural elements, including concepts, processes and material. The book is NOT intended to guide you through every single official topic. You should therefore use this book together with other reference books for the best possible preparation outcome.

Intellectual Properties, Trademarks and Copyrights 1

Contents Update 2
Page Formatting and Typeface 2
Exam topics covered in this book 2
Table of Contents 3
Review Questions 6
Construction Project 17
Construction project stages and phases 17
Roles 18
SOW, SOO and specifications 20
Functional studies 22
Site studies 22
Technical and environmental studies 23
Quality management in construction 23
Strength and Loading 25
Principles of mechanics and forces 25
Stresses, strains and tensiles 27
Fatigue and deformation 29
Compressive, bearing, and shear properties 30
Creep 31
Vibration, motion and kinetic 31
Structural strength and stability 32
Loads, dead loads and live loads 33
Other types of load 34
Structural elements 34
Exterior walls 35
Seismic design overview 36
Seismic design categories and building configuration 37
Load effects 39
Wind loads 40
Other environment loads 42
Design strength and limit state 43
Load tests 43
Special structures 44
Soil, Fluid, Concrete and Masonry 46
Soil mechanics 46
Fluid dynamics 47
Properties of soil 48
Classification, investigation and reporting 50
Excavation and grading 52
Overview of concrete 55
The ACI standard 56
Weathering probability 57
Exposure categories 57
Concrete characteristics 59
Mixing, yield and curing 60
Tensile strength 61
Anchoring and reinforcement 61
Workability and durability 63
Influence of temperature 64
Shrinkage, creep and fatigue 65
Foundation, grade and slab 66
Cracking, scaling and displacement 68
Joints 69
Footings, foundations and settlement 69
Formwork 70
Overview of masonry 72
Masonry units and walls 73
Masonry testing 74
Mortar and grout 75
Structural Steel and Wood 76
Overview of steel 76
Joist 76
Connections 77
Documentation 78
Overview of wood 79
Standards and grade marks 80
Wood decay and protection 81
Protection against termite and other insects 82
Engineered wood products 84
Roofing 85
Overview of components 85
General requirements 86
Concern on loads 88
Types of roofing 88
Roof assembly classes 89
Roofing material 90
Underlayment and flashing 91
Glass and Glazing 94
Types of glass 94
Laminated glass 95
Strength of glass 95
Glazing 96
Safety glazing 97
Impact levels 98

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