Updates & Errata

Updates available:

We may provide free content updates when there are significant changes in exam contents due to mid year changes in the relevant laws and regulations. These tend to be state specific (sometimes the exams may not reflect these changes immediately).

To search for an update, on the right you go to “By state”, then go to the FREE Updates category and pick the desired updates. All updates are in PDF format.

Alternatively, click on this link to retrieve the available updates: http://statelicense.examreview.net/?cat=114


Errata available: 

All errata are made available as free PDF downloads. You may click on this link to retrieve them: http://statelicense.examreview.net/?cat=377


Problems downloading updates:

If you are at the office and behind a firewall, the firewall software may prevent you from downloading files from our server. You will need to contact your network administrator and make sure that you can download files through the firewall. You will also need to make sure that you have the correct browser and network settings. If that fails, please try downloading from another location.

Some home based network router may also have a firewall running which prevents file download altogether! Check the router’s manual and make the necessary configuration change accordingly.



We are a very small team for a publication of our size. We are human and we occasionally make mistakes. We gladly welcome criticism from our readers. If there’s validity in a complaint about some content we’ve written, we will take it to heart and act upon it.

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